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Tijdschrift      January/February  2020   Magazine
Year 74   -   Nr 1
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Page 2 Verenigingsberichten.  
Page 3 Nieuwjaarswenen 2020. pdf
Page 4 Lithium battery fire - will it happen at your watch? pdf
Page 10 Why are liquefied cargoes a persistent danger to ships? pdf
Page 12 Antwerpse haven krijgt eerste sleepboot op waterstof. pdf
Page 14 Maritime 2050 : five talking points from the uk's vision for shipping. pdf
Page 18 WinGD to ramp up R&D efforts. pdf
Page 20 HazSub Spill Response Plans. pdf
Page 24 Deep impact. pdf
Page 30 Double Vision: Anti-Fouling Prepairing for the Future. pdf
Page 32 'Oil-eating ' bacteria discovered in world's deepest ocean trench. pdf
Page 34 Fifty shades of preparedness for IMO 2020 pdf
Page 38 Gas-powered ships add new dimension to LNG training. pdf
Page 40 High Speed Container Transport Will it Ever Work? pdf
Page 42 Eight low-emission vessel concept designs. pdf
Page 46 IMO sulphur 2020, and the role of advanced marine fuel management systems. pdf
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