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Tijdschrift      Jan/Feb. 2018      Magazine
Year 72   -   Nr 1
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Page 2 Verenigingsberichten.  
Page 3 Nieuwjaarswensen 2018. pdf
Page 4 Imo 2020 Sulfur Cap. pdf
Page 10 Magnux' Axiale Flux motor/generator. pdf
Page 14 LNG fuel finding influential new converts. pdf
Page 18 Hybrid-sail developers envision savings windfall for ocean shipping. pdf
Page 22 Inproved Modeling for Compressors With Large Tap Clearance. pdf
Page 30 Maersk Tankers to host Flettner rotor trial. pdf
Page 32 Onderhoudstechnicus in een offshore windpark. pdf
Page 38 The route to commercial fusion electricity by 2030. pdf
Page 40 New Fuel Regs Drive Scrubber Business. pdf
Page 44 High efficiencies promised from high-pressure fuel injector. pdf
Page 46 Battery technologies define the future of hybrid. pdf
Vacancies:  Page 21 & 43  
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