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Tijdschrift      July/Aug.  2018      Magazine
Year 72   -   Nr 4
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Page 146 Verenigingsberichten.  
Page 148 Verslag algemene vergadering.  
Page 149 Inschrijving technisch bezoek.  
Page 152 Shipowners should still expect the unexpected. pdf
Page 154 Electrification: Driving the next wave of change. pdf
Page 158 Digitalization turns data into value. pdf
Page 160 An Engine "Game Changer?". pdf
Page 164 Engine performance under pressure. pdf
Page 166 Exhaust gas temperature sensors: the future's digital. pdf
Page 170 Moving Ahead Powerfully. pdf
Page 178 Corrosion figures in scrubber versus LNG fuel debat. pdf
Page 182 Emulsified fuel implementation on the latest engines. pdf
Page 190 How to perform ship's stern tube integrity test in the dry dock? pdf
Vacancies:  Page 175 & 181  
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